CWG provides MT5 trading platforms for clients in order to meet their investment needs. You can browse our official website to understand these two platforms better.

Windows:Windows 7 and higher version

Android: supported

Apple iOS :supported

Apple MacOS: supported

1. Select the corresponding trading platform in the “Trading Platform Tools” column of CWG Markets official website.After entering the page, find the downloadable desktop version and click the download button.

2. Save the downloaded documents and double click to open.

3. Click “run” to allow the installation of the program.

4. Read and accept the terms and conditions

5. Click “next” and the installation is completed.

Select the corresponding trading platform in the “Trading Platform Tools” column of CWG Markets official website.

After entering the page, find the downloadable desktop version and click the download button.

Save the downloaded document to your desktop and drag MT platform icon to your application program folder.

Double click and open your platform in the application folder.

Yes, as long as it is installed at another location.

After completing the first 4 steps in “how to install MT5 on Windows PC”, continue to follow the steps below:

Do not click “next”, click “setting” instead;

Click “browse” and choose different/new folder to save the platform and then click “OK”; it is recommended to change the name of the folder from the option of “program group”;

Click “next” and the installation is complete.

1.After opening the platform, choose the option “login” in the “file” menu.

2.Enter the client’s account number and password

3.Choose the compatible server and then click “log in”.

When the login account or password information is wrong, the account will be invalid. Please re-enter and check if the account number, password and server are correct, especially the password format.

After changing the trading password of the account, save it properly. CWG cannot retrieve the modified password of the investors. We are able to assist the investors to reset the password only.

Close and re-download the trading platform, the error will disappear. If the problem still occurs after restarting, please contact our customer service.

Log in the platform and enter the“tools” column.

Click “option” and then click “server”

Choose the “news start” column and then click “OK”.

Please noted that during the major economic news announcing, the "news" option may require additional CPUs, which may reduce the operating speed of the platform.

Forget: The password of your newly opened account is the trading password that the customer provides when applying for the account. If you forget your password, you can log in to your customer section, console page, account list area, select the relevant trading account, click "Settings", and then click password reset. Once done, please check your email and spam email.

Reminder: After changing the account trading password, remember to save it. CWG Markets cannot retrieve the investor's changed password, but we can help the investor reset the password only, which may take some time to process and may affect the trading.

Amendments: If you want to change the trading password, please log in to the trading platform MT5, and then select tool option to change the trading password. Or please log in to the customer section, console page, account list area, select the corresponding trading account, click Settings, and then click change password. If you want to change the password, please log in to the trading software MT5, select tool options change, click "change read only password (Investor)", and then enter the required information to change the password.

Market order refers to the buying or selling of securities instantly at the market price. It can be divided into two categories: buying and selling.

Buying refers to an order to buy securities immediately. A buy order opens a position at the purchase price and close a position at the selling price.

Buying setting method:

1.Double click any trading item in the market quotation window to call up the trading window.

2. Set the necessary parameters such as trading volume, and then check the execution types supported by the trading type.

3.Click buy.

4.You can monitor the trading in the trading tab at the bottom of the trading terminal.

Selling refers to an order to sell securities immediately. The selling order opens the position at the selling price and close the position at the buying price.

Buying setting method:

1.Double click any trading item in the market quotation window to call up the trading window.

2. Set the necessary parameters such as trading volume, and then check the execution types supported by the trading type.

3.Click sell.

4.You can monitor the trading in the trading tab at the bottom of the trading terminal.

Foreign exchange pending order limit / pending order range: The range between the instant account type and the classic account type must be more than 20 points from the current price. For other CFD commodities, please refer to the relevant requirements.

Customers can setup their own stop loss and target profit on the trading platform.

If you setup the stop loss on the same day, you need to reset the stop loss and target profit on the next day. If you set the stop loss at 8:00 p.m. Beijing time, the stop loss and the target profit setting will be cancelled automatically at 4:59 a.m. Beijing time.

Stop loss position: Also known as stop loss level, is the minimum distance from the current price to set stop loss or target profit. For example, if the stop loss level of 1.11050 is 40, it means that the stop loss and the ending profit need to be set at 4 basis points at 1.1150, that is, the maximum stop loss is 1.11010 and the minimum stop gain is 1.11090. different stop loss levels of platforms are different.

GTC mode: Refers to the effective time of the pending order, it does not mean that the order placed has been traded

1. Foreign exchange and precious metal quality pending order setting: Always valid (until canceled by the customer)

2. Futures varieties and spot oil pending order: Valid on the same day (excluding stop loss and target profit)

3. Index and index futures varieties pending order setting: Effective on the same day (including stop loss and target profit)

The investor cannot place or change the pending order during the period when the market is locked. After completion of trading or deblocking, the investor can place the order normally through terminal.

1. Checking trading history: log in your trading platform and press Ctrl+T;

Choose “account history” in the window of “terminal” of the account, and right click at any location in the new window; choose or define duration;

2. Safe trading history: Right click in window of “account history”, then choose “save as report” or “save as detailed report”; Choose document destination and click “save”; Please be noted: your history will be saved as .html document and you can check it by dragging the document to the browser window.

As long as the computer does not delete and clear the records, the trading records of trading instruments can be saved anytime

To check all currency pairs, please right click the window “market quotation” and then choose “show all” (S), then the platform will show the quotation of products that provided at the platform.

Open MT platform and click “tools”

Choose “history center” and double click currency pairs.

If the currency pairs you want to check doesn’t appear, double click one currency type (primary, secondary and rare currency pairs); click “download”.

The slippage point is normal in the market, and any platform will have the slippage point. CWG Markets insists on treating every customer fairly and adopts the common practice of dealing with slippage points in the industry. CWG Markets will not interfere with the customer's trading and the actual price of the order to ensure that the customer receives the most timely and accurate quotation.

Customers can click this link:

Open the customer section and select the type of demo account you wish to apply.

CWG Markets stipulates the service life of the demo account is 30 days. If the term of the demo account expires, you can apply again to open a new demo account. There is no need to download the software again. The trading environment is the same as the premium account, and the leverage is up to 100 times.

-Server - please select the server CWGmarketsSVG-Demo

demo accounts uses advanced accounts, while MT5 allows the customer to have a choice to open which type of demo accounts they prefer which is the classic accounts / advanced accounts / institutional accounts. The spreads on the official website are our real spreads, and what is extracted is the spreads of the premium accounts.

-Unable to change initial funds or add funds, we recommend that you re register a new demo account

To check all currency pairs, please right click the window “market quotation” and then choose “show all” (S), then the platform will show the quotation of products that is provided at the platform.

The quotation is provided by the liquidity provider; hence the quotation time will derive from them as well and CWG Markets cannot change it.

In the “market quotation” window of the trading platform, right click and select “trading products”, click “specifications” of trading products to display all details including overnight interest.

To view from “quotations and fees” in “trading products and types” on CWG’s the official website.

Notes: platform displays as “buy/sell adjustment inventory fee”

For positions opened on Wednesday and held through Thursday, the overnight interest earned or paid out from the account is three times of the usual rate. The "Triple overnight interest" is charged or paid for the interest of positions held through the previous weekends (Saturday & Sunday), when the market is closed and no overnight interest is charged.

the settlement time of trading account overnight interest is:

Every trading day GMT daylight saving time (+ 3): 23:59; Winter time (+ 2) 23:59

Summer time, GMT + 3 is displayed on the platform time

Winter time: GMT + 2 is displayed on the platform time

Customers can purchase exclusive VPS from our partners accordingly and operate independently according to your settings. CWG also provides third-party virtual private VPS. After a certain transaction volume is completed, CWG will return the fee to your trading account. Please refer to the VPS service page for details.

Ensure EA is permitted to run on your platform

Enter the tab control of “tools” and choose “option”, then click “intelligent system” and check whether the function of “allow automatic trading” is started.

If EA has been successfully activated, there shall be one smile face at the right upper corner of your graph.

If EA still cannot work, you should check whether there is any errors in login file of the tab control “intelligent trading”.

If you need further assistance, please consult EA supplier.

EA cannot be run on demo account.

MAM multi account management account, through a simple and practical interface, at the same time, manage the trading configuration of multiple trading accounts. MAM account is equivalent to a master account, and there are several following accounts below. They are independent of each other and are a documentary form. Investors only need to input the total number of trading lots, and the system will execute the trading according to the distribution mode selected by the investors, and automatically allocate the number of trading lots to different individual investors. Through a single trading account, account managers can do the trading quickly, effectively and accurately for multiple investors.

The leverage, foreign Commission and account type of the newly applied MAM master account should be consistent with the sub account in its name;

The main account number of MAM follows the leverage rule of CWG Markets, and the leverage is automatically adjusted with the change of net value (the sub account is not affected by this rule and remains unchanged), subject to MAM;

The new MAM will take effect on the following Monday.

PAMM ( Percentage Allocation Management Module), refers to a method by which the investment manager (Account Manager) carries out account management services on behalf of its clients, and the trading and related profits / losses, interest and commission will be distributed in proportion, and the account manager will also draw the corresponding remuneration according to the proportion agreed with the investors.

Summary: the main account of PAMM system can collect the profit of sub account, and charge according to the set rate. The platform automatically deducts the expenses in the sub account and transfer it to the master account.

Windows PC:

1. Download and install indicator, log in your trading platform

2. Choose “open data folder” from the “file” tab

3. Click“MQL4” and then “indicator”, drag the indicator icon to the opened new folder from the desktop.

4. Log out of your platform and log in again.

5. Check navigation window and find the new indicator.

MAC/OS X system:

1. Go to the applications folder, right-click (command + click) on the trading platform icon

2. Select “show package content” and click “drive C”

3. Navigate to “program files” and then navigate to relevant trading platform folder

4. Select “MQL4” and then click “indicator”

5. Drag your indicator to the opened window

Lock Positions is a new position opened by a futures investor after buying and selling a futures contract when the market moves in the opposite direction to his or her own operation. If the Lock Position is used, the two parts of the two directions will exist at the same time and will not offset each other. Generally speaking, the lock order is used to lock the current loss or profit until the appropriate time comes to deal with it, which is also called lock position and lock position order.

CWG Markets allows customers to lock positions

The hedge position operation of CWG Markets customers doesn’t occupy margins.

The process of account margin return to zero caused by compulsory position closing due to insufficient margin is called "stop out".

Expect the used margin, when the remaining money of our account which is also called available margin is 0, it will stop out. That is, compulsory position closing. Usually, compulsory position closing starts from the order with the largest loss until the margin ratio returns to the ratio specified by the platform.

The platform has set a stop out level. When the margin is not enough to support orders, all the orders with positions at that time will stop out.

At CWG Markets, the Margin Call ratio/Stop out ratio: 150%/100%

It is necessary to pay attention to the monthly delivery date of stock index futures, because the demand for practical delivery occurs on the delivery day, that is, forced liquidation of cash transactions. Regarding unidentified users, they may find that their disks have been liquidated on the day of delivery.

CWG Markets will update at the beginning of every month.

It is suggested that the trading should be conducted 5-10 minutes after the settlement.

WARNING and please be advised:

It has come to our attention that a number of unauthorised firms /individuals have cloned our website content, logo and social media pages of CWG Markets Limited. Please be advised that these unauthorised firms have also been contacting consumers via various messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Weechat.

It should be noted that there is no connection whatsoever between the CWG Markets Limited, an authorised firm, and the unauthorised entities/ individuals that have cloned our details. Consumers are advised to check the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) register to verify our firm’s details. Please only contact CWG Markets Limited, using the contact details from the FCA register or the contact details listed on this website. If you’ve been scammed or contacted by an unauthorised firm / individuals – or a firm you suspect is not legitimate – you can report to us and also the FCA by contacting their Consumer Helpline /Email

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. The vast majority of retail client accounts lose money when trading in CFDs. Before trading any products supplied by CWG (including subsidiaries and affiliates), you should consider your financial condition, level of experience and risk appetite carefully. You are strongly advised to obtain independent financial, legal and tax advice before proceeding with any currency or spot metals trade. Nothing in this site should be read or construed as constituting advice on the part of CWG or any of its affiliates, directors, officers or employees. Please read and understand the terms and conditions on CWG website before taking any further action.